Sabor’s got the achey breaky

Easy-to-remember prefixes to the website look like this:


Best of all – it doesn’t matter how you CapiTalize.


For example – would you like to see what’s on our menu?
Just type



Want to see a map to our location?


Want to know what our weather is like?!


Do you miss our old site?!  


Need to find out our hours?


open micOpen Mic information?


Do you need to call us?


Want to send us a message?
http://THIN cup,iPhone,


Have you seen our new blog?!


A complete directory of our subdomains?


google mapWant to see a 360 panoramic of our interior?

Just type

Allow 10 seconds for this to load.
Once you see our interior, then you can drag the image left-to-right, down-up, up-down, etc.  
Click to follow the arrows on the ground. 


Social Networking


Do you have a good “re-direct” we could use?
Just tell us the website it should point to, and what you think the one-word subdomain should be.

Thank You!

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